Create interesting and new silhouettes with the latest lingerie layering trend. Harder details are mixed with softer shades and textures to create interesting new silhouettes. This trend breathes versatility into everyday looks. Lingerie is no longer hidden, its made to be shown. 

Underwear as Outerwear

For underwear that is made to be seen, this trend is not to be taken lightly. Bras replace tops, Basques are worn over t-shirts, Slip Dresses are your new red carpet attire.  

Summer Pastels

Add a bit of sass to this seasons pastel shades to find a sweet spot in-between prim and powerful. Its that time of year to make the most of the season change and add a touch of brightness to your lingerie draw.

Sporty Chic

A shift in sportswear is upon us. An attention to detail is key. Bold panelling, with vibrant colours and textures is the way to win at this trend. Focus on a loosened silhouette to emphasise your well fitted Elissa Poppy garments below.